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Mission Statement: Portsmouth Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services is a community based department that is committed to providing the highest quality of public safety services. We protect lives and property through emergency medical services, fire suppression, disaster management, hazardous materials management, fire & medical prevention, and public education.

Vision Statement: To cultivate a diverse, modern, innovative, caring and compassionate department that operates safely, is competent, and is responsive to the community.


Congratulations to our Team Members for their excellent contributions to EMS and for being recognized yesterday at Tides Park during the TEMS 2019 Regional EMS Awards Ceremony.


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You go girl Laurel!!! You’re #1 to me

Portsmouth Fire, Rescue and Emergency personnel responded early this morning, around 4AM, to a residential structure fire in the Douglas Park area of Portsmouth. Crews were able to contain and extinguish a fire that affected a single building with three units. The American Red Cross was called to assist with seven of the nine residents. One minor injury was treated on the scene.


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Our city is in good hands with our first responders!



Congrats to Lt. Justin Justin Lessard on his graduation from the Virginia Fire Officer Academy at the University of Richmond. His dedication to his personal and professional growth will continue to progress the PFD leadership into the Future.  He is currently assigned to Truck 10 on the A Shift at the Victory Blvd Station.

Well Done LT.


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Congratulations sir!

Congratulations Lt!

Way to go Lt.!





Solid work Justin Lessard!!

Congrats Lt!


Congratulations on your accomplishment Lt. Justin Lessard!

Nice work!

Yeah buddy!

Strong work!!!

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The PFD would like to congratulate Captain Carroll Ward  on his graduation from the Virginia Chief Officer Academy at the University of Richmond.  His dedication to both the department and his professional growth will help propel the PFD forward as a first class organization. He is currently assigned to Engine 1 on the B Shift at the Effingham station.


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Congratulations! I know you did a lot of hard work to get there! So proud of you, Carroll!

Congratulations Carroll

Congratulations Captian!

Congrats ward

Congratulations and it wa

Congratulations Carroll!

Congratulations Cap!!!!!

Congratulations, Carroll!! Proud of you.

Congrats Capt!

Was a huge pleasure to work with you guys

Congratulations Carroll!

Very proud Captain Ward! Well deserved and I know you will be the best as you always are!

Congratulations my friend!! 🍻

Congratulations Carroll!!!

Nice work brother!

Congratulations Carroll!

Congratulations Carroll 👍

Congratulations Carroll!!!

Congrats Capt!

Congratulations to all!

Awesome job - and a great place to study (Go Spiders!)!!

Congratulations Carroll!!

Congrats Carroll 🎉🎉

Awesome job buddy. Amy has done a great job

Congratulations Captain!

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Our Firefighters are always willing to take time to show the children in our communities around our apparatus.  Both of these pics were taken after crews were finished with a call.Image attachment


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Portsmouth Firefighters are the best. This is awesome

PFRES fights fire in Commercial Building:

Units from Portsmouth and Navy Regional responded to a commercial structure fire in the 3800 block of Elm Ave.  The building’s sprinkler system was able to hold the fire in check until fire units arrived on scene to extinguish.  E11, E1, E2, T1, T10, R1, B1, B2, EMS2, and an engine from Navy Regional are currently on scene. The fire has been deemed under control, and is currently under investigation.Image attachment


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So glad everyone is safe-

I remember the fire in the conveyor from years ago.

Yep, that's wheelabrator SPP. Not surprising, they periodically get something through that ends up being flammable. Hope it didn't do too much damage.

PFRES responds to single vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer on MLK Westbound:

E1, E4, R1, T1, M4, EMS 1, and B1 responded to the MLK for an accident involving a tractor trailer that was hauling sweet potatoes.  One Patient was transported to SNGH, and units are still on scene.Image attachmentImage attachment


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May God Bless and continue to protect our Portsmouth’s Emergency Responders! 🙏🏼 you are sincerely appreciated.

prayers for the driver 😢

My department, in 1 year, ran and I kid you not, back to back semi MVAs that were carrying watermelons and....... a semi MVA involving Real. Live. Sharks.

Holy Cow, hope everyone is ok

I was about five cars back and stuck there for about an hour. They finally let us turn around and drive back the other way and do a U-turn on the high Street exit. The people in a white car and semi behind me left their vehicles to check out the scene. We all move to the sides when the fire trucks arrived so they could come through the middle. Since those idiots had abandoned their cars and left them in the middle of the road, the fire trucks were absolutely amazing to get through with such efficiency and quickness in that tight spot. 👏😍💪

That curve is sharp. He hit it way too hard. Slow down, dude. Hope everyone is okay.

Fionn Roberts

That will learn um...slow down!

Quinton Walters

Leroy Purdy Tonja Williams

Did the vehicle catch on fire at any point?

Fionn Roberts

So free sweet potatoes??

Clint Smith

Clint Smith

Tiara TeBee Littles omg the wreck

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