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As a community-based Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system that is fully integrated with the overall health care system, the mission of the Portsmouth Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services (PFRES) EMS Division is to: provide care to the acutely ill and injured, identify and modify illness and injury risks, and contribute to the overall improved health of the community. PFRES will remain the public’s emergency medical safety net in the case of acute illness or injury, or in the case of a disaster and/or a mass casualty event.

The EMS Division manages core EMS programs that are critical to providing the highest quality out-of-hospital patient care available. These programs help tie the medical model components together by providing medical direction, standardized EMT & EMT-E training, continuing medical education, centralized data collection, paramedic service planning and analysis, and financial and administrative leadership.

Medicine is the foundation of the PFRES EMS system. The services that our EMS personnel provide are derived from the highest standards of medical training, practices and care, scientific evidence, and supervision by physicians experienced in EMS care.

Our delivery of emergency medical services directly impacts the quality of life for of all who reside, visit, and work in the City of Portsmouth. Therefore PFRES will provide efficient, compassionate, and high quality medical care to the visitors and residents within the City of Portsmouth.

Our delivery of emergency medical services will always: "Focus on the Community”.

Emergency Medical Services Division
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Tidewater Regional EMS Council
2014 Outstanding EMS Agency Recipient


Tidewater Regional EMS Council
Outstanding Prehospital Provider
Recipient 2013 & 2014

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