EMS Operations

Yearly, PFRES responds to more than 13,000 emergency medical and trauma related calls. Of these calls 76% or nearly EMS Operations9,000 patients are transported to local emergency departments each year. To meet this demand, PFRES operates five (5) Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances which are strategically stationed throughout the city. Ambulances are staffed with a minimum of 1 Paramedic and 1 EMT-Enhanced provider. Our ambulances have the resources to treat many critical illnesses and injuries including heart attack, stroke, and major traumatic injury. In addition, all first response fire engines and ladder companies are capable of providing Basic Life Support (BLS). Four (4) of these engines are capable of providing ALS Paramedic services on a daily basis.

There is one EMS Supervisor on each shift with the primary responsibility for daily EMS operations. The EMS superior operates a Chevrolet Suburban or similar, state-licensed, quick-response vehicle equipped with a full complement of ALS and incident management equipment.


     EMS Supervisors

  • Frank Been   – A Shift
  • Eric  Kirk      – B Shift
  • Joe Rubino   – C Shift

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