EMS Specialized Teams

Beyond the practice of answering emergency calls PFRES EMS division provides medical care to the citizens through different specialized small groups:

The Special Events Team provides an EMS presence in large crowd events, such as festivals, concerts, sporting events, etc. This team has the ability to provide bike medics, golf carts, and aid stations inside any crowd perimeter. The team is fully staffed with providers who volunteer for duty from within the department. Each member is a highly trained and experienced medical provider, provides first aid, BLS/ALS care, CPR and initial stabilization of serious illness or injuries prior to the arrival of an ALS ambulance.   

In a partnership with the Portsmouth Police Department (PPD) the EMS Division provides paramedics to work alongside of the PPD SWAT team. Each paramedic volunteers for the duty and must pass a rigorous screening, selection and training process prior to admission to the team. The goal of tactical paramedics is to first treat injured officers, bystanders and suspects on scene and the second is to provide general medical support to the team. These tactical paramedics have proven to be a valuable asset to both the police department and fire department.


In a partnership with the area Hampton Roads EMS Agencies, PFRES provides paramedics to the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Medical Strike Team (HRMMST).

HRMMST consists of 41 positions staffed from a 213-member call group. The team membership consists of fire and rescue personnel from Hampton Road Fire & EMS Agencies, physicians, allied health care professionals, logistics personnel and law enforcement personnel from across the Hampton Roads region.

The HRMMST is trained and equipped to provide operational assistance and expertise to incident commanders in the region dealing with the medical effects of a mass casualty incident involving weapons of mass destruction or any other incident that would place similar demands on the region’s medical/public health resources and systems. There are two identical equipment and supply caches – one on the Peninsula managed by York County Department of Fire and Life Safety and one on the Southside managed by Norfolk Fire – Rescue. The HRMMST is staffed, trained and equipped to provide the following:

  • Mass Casualty Management and Patient Movement CoordinationMMRS
  • Warm Zone Triage, Decontamination, and Monitoring and Detection
  • Rehabilitation and Medical Force Protection
  • Medical Consultation and Coordination
  • Chemical Weapon and Toxic Industrial Chemical Antidote Administration
  • Functional/Medical Needs Sheltering Assistance
  • Mass Fatality Assistance

PFRES EMS Division recently placed our EMS Bicycle Team in service to provide basic lifesaving services more efficiently during large public events such as concerts, art festivals and parades.

The Bike Team is staffed with highly-trained and qualified members of the department who volunteer for this duty. Team members are capable of providing basic first aid, CPR and stablization of more serious injuries and illnesses until the arrival of a fully-capable medic unit. They also provide the department with "eyes on" large gatherings, providing information to command officers and requesting additional resources that may be needed.

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