Fire Training

The Portsmouth Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Department prides itself in continuing education.  With continued education, knowledge, and understanding the Training Division assures all personnel are kept up to date with the latest safety information, tactical considerations, and practical exercise scenarios.  From incident command to search and rescue techniques, firefighters for the City of Portsmouth are training monthly on topics that produce quality and efficiency.

The Portsmouth Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services recognize those that wish to excel and provide the opportunity for career development to all personnel.  Specialized programs have been put in place to afford every individual the ability to increase their knowledge and create their own professional career path through driver/operator courses, acting officer development programs, and officer candidate classes.  Through these programs, personnel have the ability to continue to enhance their abilities and ensure the viability of the services we provide the citizens.

 Ladder the Building Trainging Battalion Chief Russell Training


Every new firefighter for the Portsmouth Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services is educated and trained by fire training professionals that have dedicated their time and knowledge to ensure that the firefighters protecting the City of Portsmouth have a strong base of fire knowledge and tactics, as well as community involvement and education.  Recruits are sent through a professional Fire Academy that results in State Certifications for Firefighter 1, Firefighter 2, and Advanced Emergency Medical Technician competencies.

 Search and Rescue Training

With a major focus on continual training and development of our course responses, the Fire Training Division also assists with logistical support training needs for the department's Technical Rescue, Hazardous Materials Response, and the Maritime Incident Response Teams.

In addition to the recognized fire, EMS, Technical Rescue, Hazardous Materials, and Maritime Incident response services that Portsmouth provides, the Training Division also assists with Mutual Aid training.  Mutual Aid responsibilities lie with our neighboring agencies and include the Norfolk Naval Shipyard Fire Department, the Portsmouth Coast Guard Fleet, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and many local businesses of whom we train with on a continuing basis.

Technical Rescue

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